System : a collection of alters / parts or a person with DID/OSDD-1

pwDID/OSDD-1 : "Person with Dissociative identity disorder/Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder"

Alter : a part or personality state in a system / pwDID

Switching : switching from one alter being in control to another one being in control

Fronting : being in controll of the body / having switched in

Co-fronting : sharing control over the body between multiple alters

Co-concious : being aware of the front and seeing what the bodys seeing but not being in controll of it

ANP/Apparently normal part : alters that often take care of day to day live and dont hold any trauma memories. They are usually Host parts.

EPs/Emotional parts : alters that hold traumatic memories or feelings, they may do day to day tasks but its less likely, they could be stuck in a loop of constantly reliving the trauma they hold.

Innerworld/Headspace : a technically imaginary space in a systems brain where alters can go and live when they arent fronting, its different for every system and many systems do not have this !
The innerworld often reflects on trauma or wishes for the future of the system and holds symbolism.

Splitting : This can happen when new trauma or high stress occurs, it is the act of a new alter forming/splitting off

Roles !

Host : The host is the part that fronts the most and deals with daily life, the host can change and can be any part

Protector : there are a lot of different types of protecters like sexual, emotional, physical, etc but what they all have in common is they protect others and the body from harm and mostly switch in to do exactly that

Caretaker/Soother : parts that are specialized in taking care of little alters, taking care of daily tasks like showering/eating/hydrating/cleaning and calming the system down

Persecutors : parts that hurt the body and/or are verbally cruel to other parts in their body they are not dangerous to people outside They act out of trauma, often believing they have to be punished or have to punish others for their mistakes (continuing and mirroring past abuse because they think its what they deserve or that this is how to keep the system safe) and wanting to return to abusers.

Littles : alters that are child like or under 13 in age, they may be traumaholders of childhood trauma and got stuck at that age or they may have split off to be the type of child the body never physically got to be to cope with the loss of childhood.
Some Littles are capable of functioning at the age of their body but should still be treated with care.

Introjects : introjects are parts based on anything or anyone outside the body.
They may appear as fictional characters, Abusers of the pwDID, famous people, historical figures and more.
These may split off because the system is comforted by something or someone during times of trauma or high stress or associates someone / something with the trauma/abuse that made the introject split off

Fragments : These are not fully developed parts who may have one specific task to do or one specific emotion to hold. They can develop into full alters.

Gatekeeper : these partz have the ability to overview the system and may be able to encourage switches/specific switches. They often have an insight on trauma and information on the system acting like a sort of manager.

ISH/Internal self helper : Parts who have more understanding of trauma and part relationships and may speak to therapists to explain things other parts cant grasp at or remember.

Avenger : Avengers are similar to protector alters but are focused on wanting to get revenge on past abusers or justice for the system

Non human : these are simply alters who arent human they can vary from just normal dogs to humanoid demons or angels
Not every part has a role and not every part with a role may fit into the mold of a named role.

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